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Logging in Brunei is very small. Here are some excerpts from the official websites:


In the natural production forests, controlled harvesting of commercial and obligatory timber is permitted by the Government, under the supervision of the Forestry Department. In Brunei Darussalam, the private logging companies are at the same time sawmill operators. 

This simplifies and unifies the various activities involved in the logging and sawmilling industries. It also removes unnecessary intermediary parties that may contribute to inefficiency and price escalation. 

Log extraction from the production forests is based on a quota system, which is subject to periodic review.


About 70% of Brunei’s land area is forested, 70% of which are primary forests. The annual rate of deforestation was 0.4% between 1990 and 2010, but in the following 5 years, the forest area has remained stable (FAO, 2015).

The timber industry in the country is very small, and so the majority of domestic consumption is met by imports, predominantly from Malaysia (EFI, 2012). Illegal logging is an issue in the country, particularly to source agarwood (or gaharu), the resinous heartwood of Aquilaria trees.


Though, there is a facility where you can buy certain types of wood from the forest.