Now working with Evologic GmBH

Evologic is producing biological products for sustainable agriculture. This improves yields levels as well as general food security by promoting biologicals as alternative to traditional herbicides and pesticides. Alternative agricultural production methods, used by the company, includes the use of biological products that aim to support plant and animal biodiversity within terrestrial ecosystems, and reduce soil degradation currently seen with traditional fertilizer use. Read more

Evologic Technologies GmBH

Worked in the Viena University of Technology

As database programmer and website designer I was managing databases of genetical information of industry-relevant fungi (Trichoderma, Hypocrea family and others). Creating a system that complies with demands of the clients in terms of usability, ease of access and safety was paramount task which I successfully maintained for many years. As well as scientific part in my duties was also to keep an eye on institutes intranet and make sure that all computers in my working area are secure have valid IP address. Some other projects made me even go to tropical rainforest for observation and collection of exploding ants of Borneo.